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Is This Thing On

How many times does speeches , marches, rhymes, or songs have to be recited for people to get it? Women rock!! Have been and always will. I heard a man say how the strength of a female is rarely portrayed in media. My reply is that it’s rarely noticed.

There are examples of women warriors and village workers on history channels, there are women entertainers who play attorneys and teachers in movies, and there are women mayors/politicians on the news daily. Open your eyes!! The world would not multiply without the makings of a woman. Toot Toot! ( tooting horn)

How many recognize those women? How many come to their aid when they raise awareness? Trust me I’m not saying men aren’t needed or are not critical to our success. What I’m saying is IS THIS THING ON!!

We are here!! We love you!! We believe in you!! We are strength!! We are love!! We are present!!

In attendance,

Coffe’ Iman

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