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Is There An Age Limit to Chasing Your Dreams

English actress Joan Collins said age is just a number, and she was not wrong. After all, age only tells our biological age and does not in any way limit our work, romance, knowledge, or dream. In short, age is not equal to limitations.

Mostly, we see aging as a 'limitation' as if everything is destined to happen at a particular age. For example, you must complete your education by 23 or marry in your late 20s and have children before 30. If you haven't started your business at a young age, it is less likely to succeed. And other fears surrounding age that hardly come true. If we look in the past or flip pages of history, we will see many examples where people were not bound by age and achieved their dreams at the age of 8 or in their late 80s.

Talking about the misconceptions about the age that comes in between your dreams and that you can no longer achieve anything once you cross a 'particular' age. Busting this myth, nothing can come between you and your dreams as long as you are physically and psychologically healthy.

Life is a journey, not a destination that you have to reach before it ends. It doesn't matter if your dreams take longer to come true. Once your dream is fulfilled, the chances are that you will move on to another dream, then another, and it will continue. You find it difficult to answer, 'What is the most suitable age to fulfill your dream?' Do you have the answer? No one can answer this because no one can set the right time for you.

George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright, once said, 'Life begins every morning when you wake up, at no other time.' Making it clear that the dream does not look at your age but your hard work and dedication to achieve your dreams.

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