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Is College Still A Necessity?

In an age where skills are acquired without formal education or college degrees, this undeniable question makes us wonder whether college is still a requirement?

Management consulting firm, Gallup, conducted a survey asking more than 2000 American adults their views on the need for a college education. According to the survey, 51% of adults said it is very important, 36% said fairly important, and only 13% said it is not very important. The survey also revealed that 51% of those aged 18-29 rated college education as "very important."

No matter how much importance is given to college education or how important it is considered by the students. College is still a necessity. Getting a college degree promises a better and more stable financial job along with career satisfaction.

Even today, there are many such companies that give benefits to degree holders. An employee with a bachelor's degree has a higher pay scale than a high school diploma holder. US Department of Education also released in its report that college degree holders earn $1 million more than those who have not completed their post-secondary education.

For those who do not have a degree, the concern of unemployment also increases. If you have the capacity to pay the tuition fees and want to achieve a better position in your life, then a college degree can be beneficial for you.

Ultimately, a college degree will be beneficial both in the workplace and outside. But it is not the only reason to lead you to success. It may give you a professional degree, but you have to gain the skills required for the job. And it is the skills and experiences that propel a person forward and help overcome obstacles and challenges in life.

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