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How To Design A Sanctuary Space

The spaces we spend our time in have a large effect on our overall mood & mental health. We often go to work for several hours a day, and then when we finally leave our job, we struggle to let go of the stress at the door. With Covid-19 wreaking havoc on our home lives, it has become more vital than ever to prioritize mental health, happiness, and relaxation. An effortless way to do this is to create a sanctuary space within our homes. The great thing about sanctuary spaces is that we can continue to use them even when we return to work in-person!

The first step is to make a list of anything that makes you happy. These could be color palettes, textures, people, animals, objects, plants, you name it! The point is to make it a space that feels like home, a place that you can unravel at the end of the day or whenever you need it. Next, we want to get comfy, or at least get a piece of furniture that you can get comfy on! If you are creating your sanctuary in your bedroom, your bed will be more than enough. If this is in a separate area, this could be a Chair, bean bag, or even a pillow. If you prefer to move when you relax, then a great option could be a yoga mat!

The final step is to sprinkle in the details! This is when we refer back to the list we made in step one, and start decorating. An easy way to ensure you have positive energy flowing in your new sanctuary is to place furniture in a way that encourages Feng Shui. To follow Feng Shui means the space is symmetrical, relatively clutter-free, & that nothing is blocking the energy from the door. If you enjoy aromatherapy, this is when you would bring in essential oils galore!

Whether you are working at home or in-person, a sanctuary space is necessary for our overall well-being & happiness. We can not truly show up for others until we look inward & nurture our own needs. The end goal is to provide a place to sit with ourselves, and a safety net to lean into the new us. To spend time investing in a “sanctuary” is to spend time investing in ourselves!

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