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How to Boost Creativity and Stand Out

Are you a business owner, artist, or creator that has found themselves “on hold”? How many times have you decided you want to start a blog, a YouTube channel, or an art project just to find yourself stuck? You have the ideas, but you have no clue how to get them out of your head and start working. Being unsure causes you to procrastinate to the point where you do not even want to start anymore. You fear it will not be good enough or you think it's too similar to other popular pages online. Just because you’re having trouble executing your original ideas, does not mean you are not talented or smart. You just need to boost your creativity and stand out from the crowd.

Boosting your creativity is a lot easier than people think. The first thing you need to do is take a break from social media. Some people might think, “Well, how do I draw my inspiration?” The best source of inspiration is yourself! You are just unsure or afraid of trusting your ideas. This is something that everyone has struggled with at some point. The self-doubting thoughts, “Is this going to be perceived well?” “Is my art going to be appreciated?” This is something you need to get over as a creator. You can’t allow fear to stop you from creating. Promise to put your phone down for a day or two and reflect on topics you are passionate about. Everyone is passionate about something, whether it is beauty, sports, movies, books, etc. There is something that makes you excited. Take out a pen and notebook and just start jotting down things you like and/or dislike about your passion.

For example, someone might love shopping but hate not having their size available. Another person might be excited about all the changes being made in the media within the beauty industry. Listing many different ideas gives you a general guide to go by. You might have lots of content ideas about one topic on one day or be excited to talk about another topic on another day. Either way, you’ve created a list from your thoughts and passions versus trying to fit in on social media. Even if your topic is something that is discussed often, if you shed light on your own personal viewpoints, you might find people that resonate with you. It is great to stand out from the things seen every day on social media.

The next method to boost your creativity and stand out is to believe in yourself enough to make mistakes. This is something that takes a long time for most people to understand but it can be broken down very simply: you must believe in your work enough to understand that every creation may not be perfect, but you are a work in progress. Give yourself grace! Not every article, art project, or collaboration is going to be great, but you must trust that you have the knowledge to get the job done or at least be willing to learn how to get it done.

See a popular trend online that you want to try but hate feeling like a copycat? Think of a way to remix it and make it your own style. Don’t be afraid that you won’t get any likes or shares. Studies have shown that now, it is very common for people to not like posts even though they see them and resonate. The right people in your field will find you and connect with your work. Trust that you are building a long-lasting foundation for yourself that you will be proud of, and don’t compare your work to others. Take a break from your regular online scrolling, reflect on your passion and watch your creativity flourish abundantly.

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