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How The “College Dropout” Motivated The College Grad

In 2004, I like many other people were trying to enter back into the workforce.  Receiving my Bachelors in 2003 one would think that opportunities will begin to pop up.  However, After the tragic attacks of 9/11 in 2001 , America was trying to still emotionally recover as well as financially.  A lot of us like in the past you look for inspiration in music, art , religion, and political figures.  I turned to music.  The College Dropout was released in February by Kanye West.  My college buddies and I played it daily.  They were finishing their final year and I was contemplating going to grad school.

See most of us were from the south or the midwest.  We were excited about contributing to society but felt lack of motivation.  We feared threats of mass destruction, hurricanes continued to hit the coast of the south, it was the year for presidential elections, and our family/friends were still fighting in the war.  Kanye’s previous release of Jesus Walks let us know that it was okay to step out of the box when you are following your dream.  So for me, a traditional job was not an option. (they were still laying people off by the hundreds anyway)

Tracks like We Don’t Care, Spaceship, Family Business and School Spirit gave us motivation because there was finally someone who understood what we were feeling at the time with no filter.  I’m sure this happens to every generation when they are going through life changing experiences.  Each track used old school samples that gave the album a spiritual feel.  It felt like home for a student that was miles away from it.  If you happened to miss it, check it out and the next album “Late Registration”.  Thanks Kanye.

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