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Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Five, Six, Seven, Eight … Keep counting. Keep moving. Keep climbing. Keep it up. Yes, I struggle with consistency like most people do. And me and my snacks have a personal relationship. I used to snack when I was sleepy, snack when I was happy, snack when I was sad, snack while I was waiting, snack while I was running errands, snack while I was working, and snack while I relaxed. I was in a state of emergency for change.

I am a fan of anyone who puts their health first. However, I hated working out. On every media outlet possible they advertise curvy , physically fit women that make you feel that your favorite cheesecake is just not worth those extra calories. Get it together! Don’t get me wrong I would not mind having a six pack, but it’s just not realistic to think it’s a requirement to be healthy or happy. One very important factor is that you love yourself first. Gain confidence about who you are and who you are striving to be. Feel comfortable in the skin you are currently in, and then get in the gym to work on those gains.

Next, see what fits your body type. Consult with a personal trainer, a life couch, or a doctor. Never put your life in danger just to lose a few pounds or tone up. It’s all about what looks good on you. It’s a personal journey not an IG one. So what if you don’t get tons of likes. Do you like it? Are you happy with you? If not change it! Stop wasting time on excuses and GET IN THE GYM!

** Don’t forget to change those snacks.

Working Out Today, Coffe’ Iman

photocred: Justyn Warner

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