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Facts Of Life

The truth of the matter is that everything will not go your way.  No need to be discouraged tho.  It’s time to learn that disappointments will occur, people will fail you, life will become a win/lose game, and certain foods you once love will become nasty.  These are the facts of life.  Breathe deep.  Smile and laugh. Cry and get as much rest as needed.  Having great friends won’t hurt.  Share stories and experiences so others may learn or know that they are not the only ones going through these isolated storms.

Remember that time when you said to yourself, “I can’t make it without…”.  Now look at you! Keep it up! Keep pushing! Keep failing so you know how to succeed!  Keep searching, discovering, driving, walking, hugging, … you get the idea.

Going through the facts,

Coffe’ Iman

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