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ENVIRONMENTAL SUCCESS: “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm

tips by David Turner

Our success in life can be hindered or enhanced by the people and situations that we allow in our lives. We must learn to choose our friends wisely. We must also recognize certain conditions that can affect us negatively or, in some cases, benefit us. We can often have friends or relatives that speak words into our lives that are not God’s best. These people also can provide us with examples of how NOT to live our lives.

It is very difficult to spend time with people who are not going in the same direction that we are. Either we are going to influence them or they will influence us. If we are not careful, those we associate with can alter our opinions and views on life and possibilities.

Even the most well meaning person may not be qualified to give us advice or lead to the success that we desire. Those who talk a big game, dress the right way, go to the right schools, and even know the “right” people are capable of impressing many people. You should try not to be impressed by the superficial. Don’t be fooled by fancy rhetoric and multiple degrees. Don’t just trust what you hear. Are these friends and relatives experiencing success in any area of their lives? Are they living a lifestyle that’s pleasing to God?

Many of us have grown up with people affecting our environment by using words to keep us down. They remind us that no one in our family ever made it. They tell us that we won’t amount to anything just like our father or mother. Take control of your environment and who you allow to speak into it. Don’t let negative talk fill the atmosphere around you. Words carry power and if you allow the wrong ones to settle in your heart, problems are sure to follow.

You can experience victory in your life if you maintain an environment of a winner.

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