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First Name: Rasheeah

Last Name: Burrell

Company: BBBE University


A beautician, entrepreneur, educator, and author for over a decade, Rasheeah Burrell began her career in 2007 at Medix School of Cosmetology and has been making power moves ever since. Driven by her passion for hairstyling and her electrifying personality, it wasn't long before Rasheeah was styling for runway shows, photoshoots, stage plays, and short films.

In 2009, as a student, she partnered with Nairobi Professional Products as a professional sales consultant in the Baltimore Metro Area.

Seeking to diversify her experience and ultimately enrich the culture of continuing education and B2B relations in the beauty industry Rasheeah pioneered a number of events in the DMV area, including a magnitude of training classes on hair coloring, cutting, weaving, financial literacy, marketing, branding and much more. Her determination to grow and excel in her craft got industry insiders to quickly recognize her unique ability to draw an audience that is eager to learn.

With over 125 stylists and beauty professionals in attendance, Rasheeah gave 1st Hair Loss seminar in collaboration with celebrity stylist Evie Johnson in 2013. The next year she followed up with a 2nd series facilitating a "Trichology 101: Back to the Root" class. Identifying the need for business development, In March 2014 she introduced The Brand Building Blueprint. Along with the expertise of Angela Christine from the hit reality show "L.A Hair", Joe Johnson from Razor Ace, and Todd of Client Retention, the expose offered classes on the necessity of Brand Management, and had over 220 beauty professionals in attendance.

In March 2015, keeping with the Brand Building tradition, Rasheeah single-handedly took the Beauty industry by storm with the Brand Building Beauty Expo 2015 featuring keynote speakers Tabatha Coffey of Bravo's "Tabatha Takes Over"& Angela Christine of WE tv's "L.A Hair." The BBBE '15 drew a crowd of over 350 Beauty/ Barber professionals, without the aid of paid advertisement or publication.


Adding author to her repertoire, Rasheeah released her 1st book "Marketing Meeeee: The Survival Guide to The Beauty Industry" independently selling over 400 copies in just 5 weeks

The Success of the BBBE 2016 was unparalleled, as keynote speaker Tabatha Coffey returned for a 2nd year in a row in company with the 500 other participants that were in attendance. Beauty Industry Tycoons and Veteran Educators such as Floyd Kenyatta and Lisa Parker were also participants as well as a number of new Vendors, including Salontra Select Suites, Paul's Beauty Supply, and Beauty Blogger: Get Fussy. Along with the success of the BBBE ‘16, Rasheeah served as the lead stylist for a Maryland Live Casino campaign working alongside Roy Cox. In 2017 she hosted her first empowerment conference affectionately called “Taking Back My Crown”, with teen entrepreneur Gabrielle Jordan.

Tell Us Why You Got Started: I got started because like many beauty and barber professionals I struggled building my business because I had a lack of proper resources. I witness so many professionals become complacent and get left behind in the beauty industry. I could identify because beauty/barber schools don't focus on the business development of the industry and for many of us this is the most important. So I started to host workshops, expos, and boot camps to help professionals understand branding, marketing, financial literacy, and the overall language of doing business. Our favorite quote is " If you give a man a fish he eats for one day, but if you teach a man how to fish he will eat for a lifetime." BBBE teaches you how to fish.

How Has 2020 Changed Your Business? 2020 has changed my business in a good way, I can't even lie. We were already working on an online course for about 4 years and we knew we had a product people need and not necessarily want. But with all that's going on with virtually everything they had to adjust to online training. This year allowed us to stay ready because you will never know when you're wanted.

Being an entrepreneur... has allowed me to see how valuable I was in my industry. In the beginning, it was all about making money but as I continued to grow in my business I've realized that money is just the byproduct and that a customer's experience is more valuable for all parties involved. For instance, If someone leaves your business feeling rejuvenated, inspired, or enlighten then you have a walking billboard of truth because a person will always express how they feel whether it's in front of your face or on social media they will be heard. So we strive to give them something good to talk about. That brings me satisfaction and keeps me in the game.

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