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First Name: Megan

Last Name: Winfrey

Company: Release and Receive Motivational App

Instagram: @releaseandreceiveapp

Meagan Winfrey is a 24-year-old from Joliet, Illinois. She is a full-time phlebotomist and a full-time entrepreneur. Her entrepreneur lifestyle consists of being the founder of the Release and Receive Motivational App, and a host of the empowering podcast known as “What’s Life? Podcast with Megan & Amber”. She spends her spare time, reading, creating content for her businesses, and spending time with her loved ones.

Tell Us Why You Got Started. Release and Receive started as a small group chat of women motivating and inspiring each other. As the chat grew, the thoughts of expanding Release and Receive grew as well. Honestly, I hesitated, doubted myself, and thought “What makes me qualified to speak and spread positivity to these women?”. As I continued to doubt myself, God continued to send confirmation after confirmation, showing me that the calling He has placed on my life is much bigger than the doubt I was feeling. So, I got out my feelings, got to work, and here we are!

Release and Receive has helped me get through my difficult times and I hope that it does the same for you. I myself, am working towards becoming a better me. Not for the likes, shares, or anyone else but for my future and my happiness. Throughout this journey, I’ve realized that without the strong support system that God has placed in my life, this journey would have been way more challenging. Which is why building a strong, faith-based, and transparent support system is what Release and Receive is all about!

If you’re seeking daily motivation, sisterhood, good vibes, entrepreneur networking, or even just a good laugh head to your App Store to download the Release and Receive Motivational App.

How Has 2020 Changed Your Business? 2020 has been an eye-opening year. Along with the pandemic and many other changes in the world, being an entrepreneur during this year has been bittersweet. Bitter, because it’s not as easy to go out and connect with people as it used to be before the pandemic. Sweet, because this year has given me the opportunity to sit and dig deep into myself, my businesses, my faith, and many other things that have helped shape me into the woman I am today. Overall, 2020 has been good to my business because it has forced me to birth what has been growing inside of me for such a long time!

Being an entrepreneur is .... self-awakening! Knowing that there is a vision inside of you that is fighting to come out forces you to wake up and keep going! Every day I wake up knowing that someone, somewhere is depending on receiving that daily motivational notification from Release and Receive and that is what keeps me going. I didn’t choose the entrepreneur lifestyle only for myself, but for the people my business is touching as well!

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