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Drake, The Sexiest Man Alive? Here’s Why!

Drake has had undeniably successful album releases in the past, but his recent success with his sixth album entitled Certified Lover Boy has hit the charts with a new swag. It’s clear that staying on-trend and giving the fans what they want seems to be an artist’s biggest intention when it comes to album sales. Drake took this intention to a whole other level by amping up his marketing. Not only did he premiere his album with a trendy album cover, which is still being mimicked by business owners and influencers to date, but Drake’s music video concepts have taken notice of many more people. His recent video release for his song “Way Too Sexy” takes on the depiction of world-famous and notable male fantasy figures. Some of them included movie character Rambo, black male sensational RnB groups, famous exercise instructors, and more. This marketing tactic not only allows fans to recall and relate to these famous characters, but it shows that Drake has done his research. Drake understands that including his fans in his artistry increases loyalty and ongoing interest. Many artists fail to use this marketing tactic which is why Drake continues to find success as an artist and as a brand. With this tactic, Drake was able to capture the attention of millions of females but did it in a fun and unexpected way. He is known for dancing in his videos, but fans are shocked to see artists like Future and Yung Thug take on the challenge. The collaboration between the three paints the picture of the ultimate female fantasy as fans are always ready to see their favorite male artists appear together. The song itself represents the opinions of female fans all across the world as Drake and Future are considered to be sex symbols. Drake went all out to prove to his fans that he is, in fact, the sexiest man alive. Future and Yung Thug also joined in to prove the same thing to their fans as well. Will you agree that these three proved their point in being the sexiest men in music entertainment today? Let us know your thoughts!

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