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Does Size Matter?

By: Tifinie Capehart


Photo Credit: Progressive Times

According to the U.S. Census, in 2012 the average square footage of an apartment or condo for sale was 1,626 square feet.  Today, there is a new type of apartment unit entering the market. The concept is called the Micro-Unit. The creation of micro-units is a response to current housing trends that show an increase in smaller households as people wait longer to start families or downsize from larger homes. Averaging around 300 square feet, the units were commonly found in European and Asian markets, but are slowly making their way into U.S. cities. Cities like New York and Boston are offering units ranging in size from 245 to 450 square feet.

So what will fit into a 300 square foot apartment? Typically the micro-units are designed with an open living and sleeping space, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Residents are using creative furniture and storage solutions to fit comfortably into the space. What about guests? Some micro-unit developments provide common spaces for residents to use for larger gatherings.

The micro – unit, albeit a trend, offers a more affordable housing option in expensive markets such as New York City. This characteristic may provide the concept some staying power.

So what do think? Does size matter?  Could you live in a micro-unit? Check out the photos below and leave your comments.




Photo Credit: ; New York Times ;

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