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Creating Hype Around Being An Influencer and Creating Social Media Jobs

Social media is the new and consistent way of connecting. Whether it’s for social pleasure or business gain, the influence social media has on one’s lifestyle is monumental. However, will it come to an end anytime soon or create a lasting shift?

The answer will not be given in this article unfortunately, but we will give you something to think about. Remember how important social standing may have been in your high school? Everything the popular kids wore or how they fixed their hair had an impact on what was considered “normal”.  Well, this is also true for social media.  The handle with the most followers or likes usually sets the standard for the industry in which it represents.  This trend has created jobs.

People are being hired to consult and change the reality of one’s existence to “influence” the average buyer’s choices.  For example, if Will Smith brags about or displays himself wearing a brand of socks, what do you think will happen next?  You are correct if you guessed that the sales for that product will increase.  He has now “influenced” your purchasing decision. Understand?

This tactic is now being used by anyone looking to gain a profit or raise awareness.  It is exciting that we can find things to connect about ,as well as, network.  How will this affect the employment rate?  Hopefully, it will aid in the hiring process and increase the need for more employees due to the increase of business.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed and continue to influence.

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