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Creating a product from scratch takes discipline, patience, consistency, and passion. Currently, women own more than 12.3 million businesses in the U.S., and employ more than 9 million people. We were honored to meet a woman that has not only created a product and built a business, but she has created an opportunity for others to also build their own businesses.

Cora Christian, the owner of Beyond Beauty is a native of Jackson, Mississippi. This mother, wife, entrepreneur, and beauty instructor created what is known as Body Sculpting Ice. The "ICE" is an alternative to the use of surgical procedures for body contouring. With the growth of her company, Cora has been able to transform the lives of her clients, offer classes to those wanting to add the services to their list of procedures, and license her product for use of those who have completed her course.

Managing home and work, Cora has created a blueprint to enter the beauty industry as an entrepreneur. Of course, the road was not easy, but she persevered. Currently, she is in the process of building a recovering home in Miami, for those who have had surgical procedures. She also continues to offer training in applying her signature body sculpting ice in her hometown of Mississippi.

She took time out of building an empire to chat with Coffea about her brand and to share some advice with our readers.

Coffea: So what attracted you to the beauty industry?

Cora: I love all things beauty, hair, nails, clothes, and especially anything that has to do with the body. I used to work at this clinic and we started doing a bunch of noninvasive procedures there. So that kind of intrigued me a little bit, and I was like, I have to get into this. This is something that I must get into.

Coffea: OK, so can you explain for people that are not sure what noninvasive procedures are? What exactly does body sculpting with ICE do?

Cora: We say "before you go under the knife, try our beyond beauty body ice". So non-surgical procedures are procedures that are done without cutting you or injecting anything. We don't have to put you to sleep or anything like that. Everything is done while you're awake. If you had to go to work, if you were going to go to work, when you get it done, you can go straight to work,

The handmade Body Sculpting ice is a non-invasive procedure and a thermogenic activation that breaks down fat and burns extra calories. The cold procedure tones, shapes, and tightens fat- immediately. Her clientele walks away seeing the inches shed from their body after one visit, unheard of with your typical body sculpting procedures.
The three-year veteran has trained over 70 women to use the ice, while supplying over 200 spas with her innovative product.

Coffea: The body ice is made of natural ingredients. Is there anything in there that someone could possibly be allergic to, or they need to be aware of?

Cora: When I created it, I created it for people with sensitive skin. I thought of people with eczema. The ice is citrusy sometimes. So if you're allergic to citrus, then we definitely let you know that it's in there and you possibly don't want to get it done.

Coffea: How has it been? I know things have been growing rapidly. The business is expanding. How does it feel personally to have this type of expansion with the product you created?

Cora: Tiresome. It is tiresome. It’s just an amazing feeling. It was something I created to use in my spa. I wasn’t trying to train other people to use it. It was one of those things I wanted to be exclusively here in Mississippi. A lot of nurses, aestheticians, and massage therapists reached out to me and that’s how I got started. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I’m helping someone create wealth for their business and for their family.

Coffea: Most people have multiple streams of income. What would you say to someone that’s around your age that can’t decide whether to keep their job or follow their dreams?

Cora: I’m not one of those people that’s going to tell you to quit your day job to start your dream. Sometimes your day job can help furnish your dream. A lot of people now in days are so into “I took a leap of faith”, but that was their journey. Your journey may be different. You quit your job to take a leap of faith and everything may go left for you. I tell people all the time if that day job will help you furnish your dream, then work that day job until you're able to quit. Do that when you can give your dream your all and able to not put your family in a bind. I tell people all the time, "take your time and follow your own journey". We can get caught up in other people’s journeys and stories because they are inspiring. It might not need to be the way that you need to go. You probably need to work a little longer at your 9-5 than I did. Trust me I worked my day job did furnish my dream.

Coffea: What are the possibilities with this?

Cora: It's definitely endless possibilities. The beauty industry, this industry that I'm in is expected to grow to a $1,000,000,000 dollar industry. It's always changing, it's always growing. So you can always learn something new, and new exciting ways to do things.

But one thing that I always tell my students and that I always try to tell everybody, even when I'm speaking to people, is to focus on being focused on yourself. Keep your eyes on your paper and it'll take you a long way. Because when you start looking at what other people are doing, then you kind of get thrown off and start thinking, "OK, I need to be doing what she's doing to get this". That's her plan and the journey that she's on. You're on this path and you're on this journey.

Coffea: What sacrifices did you have to make for your goals?

Cora: It did not happen overnight. Two years ago, I thought I was going to have to close my doors. I’ve been open three years, so it wasn’t long ago. I thought I was going to have to close Beyond Beauty. It wasn’t that I wasn’t making the money it was so much overhead coming my way. I was in a prime location at first. I was paying so much in my lease that it was really taking me out. Then you have to buy products for that location. You have a light, water, and gas bill there. You still have to promote yourself. You still have to do all the necessary things to run a business. I had to switch to a smaller location but more affordable. My clients weren’t going to come into a big storefront, however, that wasn’t true they still come. My husband sacrificed so much with his day job. He was helping me as well. You have a solid foundation. That’s what I mean when I say if you have to use your day job to furnish your dream then definitely stay at your day job.

Coffea: When should someone know when to pivot? You made a product and capitalized on it.

Cora: That’s only something that, that person would know. I pivoted when I saw that cavitation was working. It wasn’t giving my clients the instant results that they were looking for. I had to find something or do something different to keep them coming through the door. That’s when I knew at the moment I had to create something amazing. My whole goal was to make money back that I invested.

To learn more about Cora Christian and Beyond Beauty's services, visit . Also, follow her on social media @beyondbeautyllc.

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