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Updated: Feb 27, 2021


With years of experience in culinary arts, Private Chef Leighton Murdock brings his island flair to the dining experience. Built on passion and his Caribbean roots, he seeks to create food for the mind, body, and soul. After years of curating menus for a variety of occasions, Leighton had the idea to create his very own selection of sauces, seasoning, and spices. He saw a need in the CBD/THC space and took the opportunity to create Aroma Culinary.

Expertly sloganed, because “taste matters”, Aroma Culinary offers an array of infused products that meet the emerging needs of many households. The products offered range from your cabinet basics like salt, pepper, and olive oil to unique picks of turmeric, and the Aroma hot sauce. Shop his collection to elevate your dining experience.

Aroma Culinary manufactures and distributes the world's finest hemp-derived CBD infused culinary condiments including hot sauce, barbecue sauce, extra virgin olive oil, honey, salt, and pepper. Using only the best ingredients and CBD extracted from select hemp cultivated in the USA.

To learn more about Chef Murdock:

Aroma Culinary - @aromaculinary ; Leighton - @chefleighton

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