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Change Spending Habits

Look back on all the spending you’ve done and try to recognize patterns/spending habits.

If you notice every time you get paid, you buy a new outfit, shoes, perfume, etc., work on changing that habit.

• Work on not buying any new personal unnecessary items and consider not doing so for a good time span. Start small if necessary (1 month) and eventually try for 3, 6, or 9 months, and finally a year.

If you notice you eat out a lot, consider these tips.

• Take a lunch from home.

• Buy enough groceries to prepare home cooked meals and wait until you get home.

• Make homemade snacks to nibble on to hold you over until you make it home.

If you notice you waste a lot of energy at home cut back buy:

• Turning off lights and TVs when no one’s in the room.

• Fix leaky faucets.

• Don’t cook more than necessary.

You can save money and energy by doing so. Call your electrical and gas company for other money saving tips!

• ComEd and Nicor.

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