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Case Concert

We have been following a lot of music lately as we get into the holidays. We got a chance to go to see CASE in concert. He is an awesome entertainer and survivor. If your memory is fuzzy he has sung greatest hits like “Happily Ever After”, “Faded Pictures”, and “Missing You”. He has also done many soundtracks hits to the movies Rush Hour, Nutty Professor, and The Best Man. After the success of Open Letter, Case moved to Atlanta to be closer to his children and later suffered a critical accident. On February 5, 2002, Case was moving his cousin’s registered handgun, when it accidentally discharged striking him in the throat nearly missing his spine by a half inch. Case suffered no vocal damage. He remembers looking at his throat in a mirror and trying to sing. The bullet, that went in through his throat, came out the back of his neck and was miraculously less than a centimeter away from paralyzing and killing him. To the shock of everyone around, Case was out of the hospital in four hours with just bandages around his neck.

This did not stop him or his music. Keep supporting and anticipate his upcoming single due to drop this November!

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