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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Canvas Colors is a natural, cruelty-free, lipstick company. Three of its main ingredients are beeswax, argan oil, and shea butter. The idea of creating a natural cosmetic product free from toxins came from a North Carolina native by the name of Ashley Lee.

Ashley Lee dived into creating lipsticks and glosses after being diagnosed with endometriosis. She then faced extreme pains after undergoing microscopic surgery to remove the forming fibroids. Deciding to research how products that are used daily affect your health and body conditions, Ashley discovered that the chemicals used were a major problem.

Her response to the lack of attention and care by her doctors towards her complaints is,

“ ..that causes me to be active on my end. OK, what can I do from a holistic standpoint to help my situation?”

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Ashley worked for a retirement firm, she was enrolled in grad school and remained active completing her counseling internship. She was no stranger to hard work. Her dedication and consistency began preparing her for so much more. Ashley’s experience as a benefits advocate gave her the tools to become an advocate for the health of minority individuals.

Remaining on a path built for greatness, Ashley decided to start competing as a bodybuilder. She is currently in her off-season but will be competing in her second show in 2020. During this time she is growing and discovering new shades and products she may want to introduce in the future for Canvas Colors. Her hottest colors right now are Bubbly and Ice Wine which has been worn by Alexis Skyy, Lil’ Mo, and Heather B from Sirius X.M. Radio.

When asked what challenges has she faced to remain consistent, she responded, “time management, and just continuing to believe in your vision and your “why””. She adds that many times you do not see results as quickly as you would like to but to remember your “why”. Your “why” is the reason you got started and your “why” will be the reason that you keep going.

Ashley speaks a lot about consistency and the results of remaining consistent. Canvas Colors has given her a platform to assist minorities to take action about what they put on their bodies as well as what they put in it. Her ideals to trust the process and take baby steps include gaining confidence about where you are in your process. She encourages others to believe in the power of the vision board. The vision board acts as a reminder to work towards your end goal.

“You are a beautiful individual. What you have is enough. Canvas Colors is just here to enhance the natural beauty that is already there.”

You can find Canvas Colors and the products it offers at .

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