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Break Up

advice by A. Bradley

What would you say if I told you 75% of people currently in relationships, know that they are dating the wrong person for them? What’s worst is that only 25% of them are brave enough to end the relationship! Which means the remaining 50% end up either marrying, or having children with the WRONG PERSON!

We all have been there, dating someone who only gives us half of what we require for happiness! But for someone reason we deny it to ourselves and continue to “try to make it work”.  Now don’t get me wrong, if you feel that the person you are with is the absolute one for you, then it is okay to work hard to overcome small problems! But if you are completely unhappy with someone that doesn’t fulfill your SIMPLE needs, then why fight a battle that has no happy ending?

For most people, the thought of “Starting All Over” is worst than being unhappy! So instead of being strong and walking away from something that is bad for us, we try to change a person into someone that they are not, and probably never will be! Yeah, maybe they will switch up a little just to pacify you, but in the end, a spade is a spade! Before you know it, your dreams of having a loving husband or wife, are replaced with having a baby mama, or baby daddy!  Now it is almost impossible to walk away from this person without them having constant ties to you. And if you couldn’t leave them then, you feel even more compelled to stick around now! This is why you see people who you know shouldn’t be together, but they are constantly having more children!

To avoid being in these situations, try following these few steps:

1. THE MARRIAGE TEST! If you are dating someone that you know you will never marry, WALK AWAY NOW! Why waste your time as well as theirs. Don’t be rude, but be honest. Remember, it’s always better for someone to be hurt, rather than have them hate you!

2. NEVER TRY TO CHANGE SOMEONE INTO SOMeTHING THEY  NEVER WERE! Studies have proved that human behavior takes years to alter, simply because a person begins building traits as an infant. So if a person is 30 yrs old, he or she pretty much has become who they will become! They didn’t get that way over night, so don’t expect them to change over night!

3. OPEN YOUR EYES! Everything you need to know about a person is usually right in front of your face! Only you can’t see it because you are looking at the wrong things! Of course the person is being sweet, YOU JUST MET THEM! They are trying to hide all of their obvious imperfections! Look at a persons life, and decide if they fit what you are looking for! Does this person have a car? Do they have a job, or a bank account? This doesn’t mean you’re a gold digger, but who wants to be with someone who is inconsistent in life? What time do they normally get up and start their day? How late do they stay out? Do they go to church? If they have children, look to see what type of relationship they have with the child, as well as the other parent? Remember, this could be you! My point is, don’t get in a relationship with someone, and then complain about everything they do! This is who they are! All you have to do is open your eyes!

4. My last piece of advice to you is Be Strong! Have the strength to walk away from the wrong thing. Yeah, it may be a scary thought to be single for a while, but that’s better than a lifetime of Hell!

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