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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about branding? Logos? Products you love? One thing that is very important about branding yourself is concept of first impressions. How you decide to represent yourself will be recognized by your consumers. Let’s walk through some important details and see what step you might have missed.

Brand: a name, logo, or design scheme associated with a product line

Branding: the application of marketing techniques to a specific product or brand

Who are you? Define yourself and be very clear about who you are and what you represent. No one should be able to change the core of your company. This is your shot to re-introduce yourself to the world as a brand. Know your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Know what is needed to complete your brand.

Why are you here? Decide who you want to represent or who you desire to sell to. In other words your target market. Place yourself in the consumers shoes and ask “why would this product attract me?”.

What do you look like? Be creative and stay true to your mission. This is the part where you create your logo or symbol that represents you. Choose colors, tag-line, etc. If you are having difficulty, hire someone or consult with someone that can later be in charge of your marketing. It is very important that you remain consistent. If you continue to change your “branding”, it is very likely that you will lose consumers. People are more comfortable and have a better time trusting consistency.

Are you sticking to your passion? Remember to be passionate about the brand you build. Be sincere and reliable. You are the largest promoter and spokesperson for your brand. The consumers sees you first. If you are not passionate about or are only in it for the money, your consumers will know and will question your motives for selling them your product.

Of course there are many small details included with re-introducing yourself as a brand, but you must have a strong beginning. Keep in mind to keep things simple and be knowledgeable inside and out.

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