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An Ode to Summer – The Outdoor Space

August is here and summer is winding down. But there is still time to enjoy the outdoors.

The outdoor deck or patio space is often an overlooked space in terms of home decorating. But when selling a home it shouldn’t be overlooked. Buyers are looking for a cool outdoor retreat, and there is opportunity for big paybacks; in places like New York City, outdoor space comes at a premium.

Even if you are not selling your home, it’s still worth rolling up your sleeves and making the best out of your outdoor retreat. But hurry, you’ve got about two months left to enjoy it!

Here are some outdoor space inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Color : Make bold color statements with accessories like pillows and rugs. 


Lighting: Lighting can be simple as a string of lights or candles.


Mixed Furniture: Use a mix of furniture and textures to add character. 

Outdoor space-color

Green: Add plantings to balance the concrete or brick of an outdoor area. 

outdoor - greenery

Simple: Keep the color palate simple clean. 

outdoor - simple

Found inspiration here? Share your outdoor decorating ideas on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with @coffeamagazine. Hurry – summer is winding down!

Head Shot 3

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