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An Inside Look At Yogurt Raisin

Inspired by the dynamic between his friends' relationship, executive producer Anthony J. Davis created Yogurt Raisin. In the film, a group of longtime friends finds themselves in a precarious position that will alter their relationship forever. The incisive film digs deep into the subject of cultural appropriation and tells a story of human connection while exploring the value of brotherhood and the truths that lie in between. With the help of screenwriter William E. Roebuck Jr ("2020 Year of the Nurse"), the story came to life.

They began filming at the beginning of this month, and the cast is filled with incredible talent. The lead co-stars are Ron Fallica, Q Parker, Wesley Tunison, Trivon Howard, Miguel A. Lopez, and Cowboy. Even though filming has just occurred, they have undeniable chemistry. We had the opportunity to sit down with a few of them to get more details behind the motivation that sparked such a conversation about brotherhood and culture appropriation.

Davis mentions that his close childhood friends get together and take a "man's trip" every year. He realized without even noticing that his friends embraced the African-American culture with no disrespect or malice no matter their differences in ethnicity. However, he often wondered if they found themselves in a negative situation regarding the African-American culture, would the love still be there.

Culture appropriation has been a major topic of debate and seems to only be defined through the perception of someone involved in a particular situation. The men agreed that respect and empathy are an important part of educating the other party no matter what takes place. We agree that communication is required, and conversations encouraging understanding between brothers or even total strangers are a healthy way to start.

Coffea appreciates Anthony J. Davis, Q Parker, Trivon, and Miguel Lopez taking the time to share their experiences with us, sharing insight about their new film Yogurt Raisin.

Follow Yogurt Raisin on Instagram, View the full interview by watching the video below.

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