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A Mother’s Love

The tragic death of the incomparable Whitney Houston left millions around the world heartbroken, especially her daughter Bobbi Kristina. Despite her obstacles throughout the years and current hospitalization, Bobbi Kristina is doing all she can to preserve her mother’s legacy.

In an 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Bobbi Kristina spoke about her fondest memories of her mother as a woman and artist, “[To see her] on tour, to see her smile, to see her happy and to see her on stage being Whitney Houston, being who she is,” she says. Bobbi Kristina says she plans on pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. “I’m her daughter. I have to carry on her legacy, I still have a voice…we’re going do some acting and some dancing…It’s a lot of pressure, but she prepared me for it.”

On March 4, 1993 Whitney Houston gave birth to her first and only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown with her then-husband Bobby Brown. Prior to the birth of Bobbi Kristina and even after her birth, Houston suffered many miscarriages, which is one of the many reasons why Whitney and Bobbi’s bond ran so deeply.

The close bond between Whitney and Bobbi grew out of Whitney’s tight-knit relationship between her mother, Cissy Houston. The three generations of women continued to build a strong and loving relationship that has lasted a lifetime.

Whitney expressed the joy she has for her daughter Bobbi Kristina in a 1993 Rolling Stone interview, “Having Bobbi Kristina . . . I could never do anything that could top that. There’s been nothing more incredible in my life than having her. God knows, I have been in front of millions and millions of people, and that has been incredible, to feel that give-take thing. But, man, when I gave birth to her and when they put her in my arms, I thought: “This has got to be it. This is the ultimate.” I haven’t experienced anything greater.”

A mother’s love is the greatest love and even after the death of her mother, Bobbi Kristina still holds the same love and adoration for her mother. Bobbi Kristina took to her Instagram on her 20th birthday to share a heartfelt message about her mom. She wrote, “I pray I’m growing into the phenomenal woman you always knew I’d become mommy, I love you and miss you immensely and I always will. You are my heart. You are my life. You are my everything. You are my motivation. You are me. I am you. We are one. Forever and always. I love you my lady.”

The Houston and Brown family are hoping Bobbi Kristina’s words are still true even at one of her most challenging moments. The family has asked that everyone keep Bobbi Kristina in their hearts and prayers as they push towards a recovery.

written by Char’Nese Turner

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