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The work day is over. Time to unwind. However, rumor has it when the women gets off of work it’s time to make dinner, clean the house, fold the clothes, and all that mythical stuff.  Who believes that?  You’re correct no one (hopefully) in 2018.  The return home from work is more like kick your shoes off, turn the crock pot off, set up the tv to play what was DVR’d, and remove any constraining under garments (snatch your bra off).

Remember this is your time to reflect on your day ,or if you are an entrepreneur, refuel to start working on your dream.  It is the time when the outside world no longer has a say in what time you can go to the bathroom.  It is the time when your phone should not ring unless it’s a loved one or an emergency.  Enjoy your created space and meditate.  It is 5PM.

Just finishing my meditation,

Coffe’ Iman


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