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5 Ways to Build Wealth in Your 20s

For centuries, women were stifled in every way a human being could. We were unable to dress as we wanted, think as we wished, and earn a living for ourselves, due to the global mistreatment women suffered at the hands of men. Over time, women have gained the right to live their lives as they see fit, with one major improvement being the ability for women to enter the workforce and earn an income.

Women, throughout time, looked for ways they could sustain themselves and their families, which hasn’t changed as time has gone by. A lot of young women in today’s world also aspire to build wealth for themselves as they work steady 9-to-5 jobs but are unaware of what to do and what to avoid due to a lack of guidance and not having access to money-making and money-management education.

Are you looking to create wealth for yourself and struggling to find ways to achieve your financial dreams? Put these five steps into your plan of action now, and you will be creating the path in your 20s to a sizable bank account that you can feel proud of in the future.

1. Have an action plan

If you want to become wealthy, you’re going to need an action plan. You will need a budget that you create and must stick to for as long as possible. A key reminder of having a budget is that it’s a plan that will help you spend wisely and live just below your means which is essential to building wealth. Discipline is vital.

If you have debts to pay on your credit card or student loans you need to pay back from your time at university, your budget should include money you set apart for monthly expenses and cash you will use to pay back your debts and loans, leaving you with a reserve of money that you constantly save and can rely on, as an emergency fund.

2. Increase your earning potential

If you want to build wealth, you’re going to need to make strategic career moves that will help you make more money. Finding ways to increase your earnings and grow your income is a key step in becoming rich. Ask yourselves these questions: Is it time I ask for a promotion? Should I apply for that freelance job that I can do on the side but have been putting off? Does that company offer better pay? Having answers to these questions and knowing what steps you will take are crucial.

You may also find that getting another degree or certification in your field or in a different one altogether is a decision you’ll have to make. It’s no secret that higher degrees in certain disciplines like business management and finance, as examples, are great money-making tools. While you compile a list of your options, make sure that you put your all in your current job and give it all you’ve got.

3. Have multiples streams of income

No one may have ever told you this but know this now: you’ll never become wealthy on one income alone. Anyone who is serious about building their wealth will need to have multiple streams of income.

What type of things can you do to bring in extra cash? Anything that you are good at or can learn to become proficient at. Are your cupcakes so mouth-watering that your friends always look forward to them at movie nights? Do you have a penchant for photography? Are you creative and enjoy making jewelry? Whatever your passion is, hone it and monetize it in the best way you can.

4. Find and keep in touch with mentors

Your journey to building financial success means that you’ll face several challenges and many risks, which is tough for anyone in their 20s. Having a mentor with solid life experience is key to your journey to wealth. A good mentor can advise you and be a listening ear to any of the concerns, questions, and problems you’ll have. Remember, a mentor was once in your shoes and can guide you to avoid the pitfalls they encountered and the steps to take to make leaps and bounds in growing your wealth.

5. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

We all know the sayings – “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” and “You are the company you keep”. These sayings didn’t come into existence for nothing; they are frequently mentioned because they are true. The friendships we make influence us in various ways. They shape your personal and professional life, which includes your level of finances. If your friends are shopaholics who think it’s alright to spend $300 on Zara dresses in one go, you’ll soon find yourself blowing your income in less-than-ideal ways too.

If you are certain that you want to become rich, it would be wise to befriend people that are also on a journey to building their wealth, as well as those who are already successful and well-off. Being around money-minded people will grow your own money mindset, and socializing with them can lead to doors being open to great opportunities (e.g., a friend recommends you to the HR manager at a beauty brand you are dying to work for) and people that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Following these five steps with strictness and focus is a sure-fire way to create the fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.

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