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Luxury Law

One might believe that the job of a stylist is easy. That it is a glamorous occupation. In the words of Luxury Law, also known as Law Roach, “it is the most unglamorous glamorous job”. It takes hard work and dedication to be responsible for how the world sees someone else.


Law grew up on the southside of Chicago and attended Harland Community Academy. He never had any formal training, but should be recognized as a style prodigy. Styling off of instinct, Law knew this was what he wanted to do from the beginning.


Law’s passion for fashion began as a young boy watching his mother get dressed. He would later shop with friends, colleagues, and co-workers to help them get ready for their memorable events. His only obstacle would be figuring out how to eventually be able to get paid for doing it.

Zendaya, La La, Monica, and Jeremih are just of few of his day to day clients. When asked was film an option, he replied, “I liked to work event by event…short term projects. I do not have the attention span for anything longer.” He also enjoys working with independent artists. His self title as an Image Architect could only be useful for those on a continuous climb to success, unless you are on a mission to re-brand yourself. “I’m not working just for a check, I am in the business to build.”


Luxury is leading by example. He started right at home and teaches to build your dream where you are. It is possible to make the business come to you . From boutiques (Deliciously Vintage) to film (Dirty Laundry) to Academies (Style Wise Academy), he credits everyone that played a part in his journey. He is awesomely LAW!

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