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James Anthony

James Anthony, an Atlanta based photographer specializes in fashion and editorial spreads. Born Anthony James Johnson in Queens, New York, he realized he had a passion for the arts early on.  Having experience in entertainment from the small to the big screen, he decided to try his hand in photography while attending Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia.  Attending a motivational speech with guest speaker, Kevin Powell, Anthony was inspired to take his hobby and turn it into a profession. In 2006, he relocated to his hometown where he began working at Vibe Magazine. While at Vibe, he was exposed to multiple photography styles which helped him to improve his craft.

In 2007, he returned back to Savannah University to graduate with a BA in mass communications. Upon graduation, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he began developing a strong foundation for his photography business.  His works have been showcased in such publications as Vibe, Ebony, Mute Magazine and various others.  James Anthony can be found today traveling across the United States shooting various models and celebrities.

What motivated you to enter into the world of photography?
I had a handheld digital Kodak camera and started playing around shooting a friend of mine in the streets of Savannah, Ga. I took some shots in black and white and fell in love with the images. That’s where it began.

What is your most memorable moment?
My most memorable moment was attending the book release and signing for a state representative who used my image as her book cover. To see my work blown up on billboards and flyers and on the cover of hundreds of books was an amazing feeling.

What role does photography play in your life?
Photography is my stress reliever. Although it can be demanding, it feels good to be able to have a creative outlet and share my vision and creativity with others.

What type of satisfaction does your career give you?
The satisfaction my career provides is the freedom of being a creative entrepreneur.

Describe yourself in one word?

Who influences your style or signature way of capturing each shot?
When I first began photography Tarrice Love was a big influence. I had never seen anyone express their creativity the way he did. I have since learned not to look to other photographers so much, but more importantly become inspired by the actual model and ideas i conjure in my own head.

Where can someone expect to see your work in the future?
My work can be seen in upcoming issues of Kontrol, Rolling Out, and Jet magazines. As well as upcoming album and book covers.

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