Featured Writers

Krissy J

Krissy, born Kristina Janelle Holmes is an up & coming journalist in the Midwest.  Krissy went on to study Business Communications at Joliet Jr. College where she found a niche for Journalism & Public Relations. In 2014 she created her first blog called,  #iWriteYouRead on HubPages. Krissy embarked on a new wave and went back to school at Colorado Technical University for Business Administrations with a focus in Marketing.

Krissy started her own VLog series in 2017 as a way to encourage and uplift her followers going through tough times. Her goal is to edify as many people as she can through her message of self love,  individuality, freedom and peace of mind.

In 2018 Krissy completed her first book entitled ‘Wealth & Riches scheduled to be released  in 2019. 

“Life doesn’t stop just because your heart breaks, as long as it is still beating you have to keep moving.” -Krissy

Bogue Batho

Bogue Batho is a graduate from the University of Phoenix with an Associate’s of Arts and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology. He is founder of the brand Esoteric Elegance, which places its focus on the Independent Female Emcee and Rapper. For several active years he has managed to publish articles and interviews on numerous Independent Artists from around the world. His “know how” can be utilized by the artist in a wide range of ways, from Promotion to PR Work. With an overall goal to help the artist either add on to or help build their personal portfolio as well as their platform.