Having An Outstanding Event On A Budget

written by: Raun Hall


Putting together a party or event is something that can quickly become a daunting task for anyone. But have no fear! There are a wealth of resources available to the savvy planner that knows where to look.

Get creative with the venue. There are lots of options open for inexpensive venues to hold your event. Locations such as local churches and community centers will often have rooms available that can be booked for use by the general public for a small fee, or for free.

An important general tip for booking your location is having estimation for the number of guests for your event in mind, and make sure that number is a little over the number of guests you expect. If you expect 30 people, plan for 40.

If you are using a public space as a venue, the first step is to call weeks in advance and ask for a quote for booking the space for the date and time of the party. Usually the venue will mention of a special event permit is required, getting the permit requires filling out an application with the city or town government.

If you are considering having your event at a café, restaurant, or bar when you call for a quote be sure to ask if you are reserving a private space or if the space will be shared with regular patrons. Unless you are very familiar with the establishment and their patrons, it is generally better to make sure the space for your event is private.

Many event planners make the mistake of not asking about discounts, don’t make this mistake! Always ask about discounts when booking locations, ordering refreshments, or making any other major purchase.

Warehouse stores are a goldmine for event planning, essential items can be purchased in bulk for much cheaper than can be found in supermarkets or party supply stores. Even appetizers can be purchased as many warehouse clubs have their own delis and bakeries. Be aware when ordering online. The supplies can’t be examined in-person before ordering, and you must be certain to place your order in time so that everything arrives well before the party.

Friends and family can be an invaluable resource. Putting together a party is a lot of work.  So, having some extra sets of hands to aid in setting up decorations, or DJing can be a lifesaver. Ask your friends if they have any money-saving tips that could help you out. If you have people that can or want to help in setting up your event, be sure to gratefully accept.  

Promotion is key. Promoting your event through social media is one of the best methods for getting the word out about your party, be sure to create a hashtag for your event and use it with social media posts. The advantage to this is that it’s generally free. Another method for promotion is using a management service like Eventbrite, be warned that there is a fee for setting up your event on Eventbrite. Among promotion, promoting your party through email is one of the most effective digital methods, make use of calls to action from your guests inviting them to spread the word about your event. Offering specials and incentives to guests for inviting friends along is a great way to encourage promotion.

By using a little outside-of-the-box thinking you can make your event one to remember! Remember to always be on the lookout for new ideas that add value to your event without adding cost to the bill.

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