Nicole Harrington

Powers Of The Vision Board

written by: Chris Diana


We live in a world where you hustle from one task to the next trying to get it all done in one day. Where our lives are so saturated with technology and distractions that its hard to take time to focus on what really matters. That is where the power of the vision board can play an essential role in making our goals and dreams a reality. It’s a simple tool that has the power to change your destiny.


So What is a Vision Board?

To put it simply, it is a collection of images and words that speak to you, gathered together in one place, where it can make a visual impact on you every day. The purpose behind a vision board is to give you a visual reminder of what you want to achieve in life, whether that is buying a home, starting a family, even getting a promotion, it is a way to focus on that one goal. In this way, we program our minds to prepare for that achievement, which ultimately leads us to take natural action toward reaching that goal.


This is Not a New Concept

Many successful people have been using visualization for decades. Actors like Jim Carry, Oprah and Will Smith say visualization was a key to their success. Olympic and professional athletes all over the world utilize visualization as part of their daily training. There is even an Oxford research study on the topic, Psychological Imagery in Sport and Performance – Oxford Research.


Why it Works

Visualization works because your brain doesn’t know the difference between visualizing something and actually doing it. How is this possible? It’s thanks to an area in your brain called the Reticular Activating System. When you visualize something on a regular basis, neurochemicals that affect your attention, planning and motor controls are stimulated causing your brain to go into actions. In other words, your brain goes to work scanning your environment for opportunities to make your goals a reality. This is great news because everyone has the power within them to make positive changes in their lives.


A vision board is a great way to apply this knowledge to your own life. What’s more, making one is very easy. Your vision board doesn’t have to be an artistic masterpiece, but it can be if you want it to. The true design of the board comes from you and what makes you happy. You can source your images from anywhere, whether you want to clip images from a magazine, or print them off your computer they just need to represent what you want to achieve in detail. Next, attach them together on a poster board or in a frame, as long as it’s placed somewhere you can see it everyday. Most importantly you need to take time each day, at least ten minutes, to take in those images, letting them play around in your imagination as you envision your happiness once you realize those dreams.


Vision Boards are a simple yet powerful tool, anyone can create to help focus their minds on what’s really import. In the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee, you can be changing the way your brain approaches your goals. And best of all, while it feels like a relaxing break, in reality, you are training your most powerful tool, your brain.


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