Jessica Rich has done it again. She has recently launched a men’s shoe line by the name of “I Am King”.  Jessica’s release includes a collaboration with the iconic R&B singer , Jon B.  The Italian made footwear is an exaggerated high-top leather sneaker with gold mid and outsoles.  Available in both black and white, the first shoe from the “I Am King” collection will retail for $249 on JessicaRich.com.



Jessica Rich:

1.  Where did the idea to create the design for the first men’s line shoe come from?

When it came to designing the shoes, I wanted to give the guys something that was simple, just to test the waters. A basic sneaker is something that can go with anything, so I put my own twist on it, which is the signature gold sole. The signature gold sole is also on my women’s shoe line. That gave it just enough of a twist to be super sexy, yet simple. My brother Elijah, who is the co-designer of the men’s shoe line, thought it was a great idea as well!

2.  Will there be any other styles with different artist in this year’s collection?  If so, will they also have the female match up?

I would love to tell you whats next, but unfortunately, I can’t reveal anything until the official release date. Stay tuned on all the latest releases via my brand page, @jessicarichcollection.

The first female matchup will go on sale May 1st, 2019. I was already planning to release the ladies shoe, which is why I wore them in the photo shoot I had with Jon. However, the ladies are asking for a sooner release date, so that’s coming right up! I think it’s so cute when couples wear matching outfits, this will definitely come right into play.

3.  What details about the “I Am King” collection will give it that competitive edge over the other brands?

I am offering original designs & concepts that has the signature rich aesthetic which I have carried throughout the brand. I also offer prices that are not outrageously high-end that everyone can afford.

4.  What do you suggest would be the best Jessica Rich heel to compliment the black/gold “I Am King”‘s ?

The latest shoe I released last week called the Heavenly Pump would look really nice with it. That, or the matching Golden Souls for women, set to release May 1st, 2019.

Jon B.:

1.  What inspired the collaboration with Jessica Rich?

She actually reached out to my team, it was all her and her brother’s vision. When she told me how my music inspired her, I felt appreciated and excited to see what she had in mind. She could have chosen anyone, but to reach out to me was a dope nod that my music has really resonated with people’s outlook on love.

2.  How does the return to music feel?  What can your fans expect from you in 2019?

It’s nice to be back after 5 years with new music. I am very excited about my new single, ‘Understand’ feat. Donell Jones, available April 2019. Fans can expect a re-emergence back to love and the vibes that has kept me in your lives for this long.

3.  The line is called “I Am King” , what are some things that make you feel like a king?

Being apart of a lineage of people with artistic integrity, having knowledge of self and respect for others, also having a genuine love for music.

4.  Who would you like to see wearing your Golden Soul collection?

All my people with focus, good vibes and good intentions. People who stay grinding with their golden souls, no matter who’s watching!

5. What are your top five closet must haves?

 1. Golden Souls

 2. Nike Sweatsuit

 3. Sandro Suits

 4. Shades

 5. Black Rag n Bone jeans

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