Natural Glam: A Chat With Nafisah Carter

Nafisah Carter is an international celebrity hair stylist.  She travels the world distributing her hair line, styling, and teaching classes.  Nafisah currently has a boutique located in Raleigh, North Carolina called Nafisah’s Beauty Boutique and serves as a resident hair stylist for major events such as Black Girl’s Rock, The B.E.T Experience, and The Rickey Smiley Show.  We were honored to catch up with her to ask her a few questions.  Don’t miss her and the celebrities she styles!! Follow her on instagram @NafisahCarter.


Define the phase “Natural-Glam.”

To me, natural glam means beautiful, timeless looks. Natural glam is glamorous hair but still with a natural touch– It’s not overly trendy. You can look at natural glam styles 5-7 years from now and they will still look beautiful, and not out dated.

How do you balance the life of styling others and maintaining your personal lifestyle?

It’s extremely hard. I have a strict schedule everyday. I may not always follow my exact schedule (Laughs) but it definitely helps me stay on track throughout the day. I try to make time for my family and close ones first, then work and everything else after that.

When someone says “Nafisah Carter,” what statements should follow?  How do you leave your mark?

When someone says Nafisah Carter it should follow with loyal, kind-hearted, bubbly personality, silly, talented, extremely giving, and humble.

What do you love most about being a celebrity hairstylist? 

I love traveling and working on shows. I grew up performing as an African dancer, so I think I can relate when it comes entertainment. I know how to stay calm and work efficiently in a fast paste environment. I like the rush of everything as well! It sounds crazy, but it’s fun to me! At the end, “‘I can say wow I did that in a small amount of time!'”

Coffea magazine loves giving its readers tips on how to create a stress free life as an entrepreneur, If possible, What do you suggest is a great go-to look for a girls night out?  

A cute quick ponytail is always a winner! You can never go wrong with slicking your hair back in a low pony with a middle part. Or a high long ponytail. Make sure you use a little wax and hairspray or gel to slick it down. If you need to add hair you can always throw in a 22″ bundle or already made ponytail, and wrap it around your hair and keep it moving. Trust me, it’ll never fail you.

Where can your fans or future clients expect to see you this year?  Any events?

I’m working on a lot of exciting new projects right now. I’ll be headed back to Australia for Black Hair Australia and also Paris. Make sure you follow on Instagram at @NafisahCarter so you can keep up!

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