Changing The Narrative

In recent events a influential leader that goes by the name Nipsey Hussle was recently assassinated.  Why the use of the word you ask?

Assassination is the act of killing a prominent person for either political, religious or monetary reasons.

Born in 1986 in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles, Ermias Davidson Asghedom faced many of the obstacles young men in those areas face, violence.  However, with dedication of knowing that the world is bigger, his entrepreneurial spirit started opening doors. He began creating music.

His mid-2000 release of his first mixtape became historical.  The mixtape was released for free download but cost $100 for a physical copy.  Word spread due to the constant chatter of the public witnessed entertainer Jay-Z purchase 100 copies.  Hussle would continue making game changing strides as a businessman and musician.


Always putting his family and community first, Nipsey Hussle branded himself by adding assets to his repertoire.  He was well known for his companies; The Marathon Agency ,brand consulting firm, and The Marathon Store , a clothing store. He preached about finances, the importance of ownership, politics, and was currently involved in several projects involving music, film, and a documentary covering Dr. Sebi and his cure for AIDS research.

Continuing to uplift his surroundings, Nipsey Hussle will be remembered for his positivity.  This young leader, like many we have lost to abrupt gun violence, has definitely engraved a spot in the hearts of many.  So why only classify such a crime as only a murder without knowing the motive?

Change The Narrative.

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