Protecting Your Greatest Asset

The unspoken phrase commonly used in the think tank for marketing is “sex sells”.  In every form of media it is either insinuated or created with visuals that each product is sexy or reminds you of sex.  However, when presented with ways to market yourself or brand, where should the line be drawn?

  • The #METOO movement went viral around October 2017.  The movement represented the fight against sexual harassment and sexual assault.  In most of these cases women were forced in situations that threatened their careers and safety.  Many feared that some may abuse this new voice and falsify stories in order to go viral as well creating it to be a marketing tool.
  • There was a new wave of plastic surgery or enhancements that were focused on the butt and breasts areas of women.  The once culture feature that was looked down upon, ultimately grew to be the optimum deciding factor for movie roles, commercials, and or social media “fame”.
  • Cartoons and children films involved increased kissing scenes or more graphic conversations about one’s appearance or sexual preferences.


#METOO Movement
Before and After Rear Enhancements


Whatever may be presented, the one thing that will remain constant is how you react or feel about your brand at the end of the day.  The context in which you present yourself will always be remembered no matter how long time has passed.  Don’t play into what seems a trend if it is not authentically you.  The truth will present itself and you will be forced to deal with the consequences, good or bad.  So the real question is sex sells, but at what cost?

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