Black Business Women On The Rise: Meet Coach Kim

written by: Krissy J


Chicagoland Life Coach

Kimberly Perdue, launched her life coaching career on May 19, 2018. Her mission is to coach or assist individuals having difficulties with life issues, tap into the power that they already possess. “I tell people all the time, this is not a one stop shop. YOU have to be ready to make a change for a better life.”

Kimberly, or Kim for short,  worked for a Fortune 500 company for 11 years & never thought about becoming an entrepreneur. During a recent interview I asked Kim what was her motivation for becoming a life coach. She answered and said, “You know Krissy, it’s something I have always done. From friends, to family, and even some coworkers, I have always been that “go to” person. People value my opinion because I am unbiased, compassionate, and extremely understanding.”

“Be clear on your path & where you are going.” –Coach Kim


Becoming Coach Kim”

After being slighted over-a well deserved pay increase, Kim decided to resign from her position at the Fortune 500 company where she worked for 11 years. “Working all those years, doing a wonderful job, but still not being paid what I was worth. When the company refused to raise my wages, I left & went with a different company who could pay me what I was worth. It was a huge step for me, I had been there for 11 years!”

Kim was inspired by her own life coach to take up entrepreneurship. I asked what were some of the obstacles that she faced. “None. There was literally no reason why I couldn’t start my own brand. I was able to financially invest in myself and hire on a team to help coordinate.” There were times Kim herself felt self-doubt going into a career of being a life coach. “Like yeah right, who is going to listen to me or what if I can’t do this?” Those feelings of self doubt soon dissipated once Kim realized people already valued her opinion and insight! As she began to align herself with her purpose, starting a career as a Life Coach came naturally.

Coach Kim’s target market is the human race. While she is pro woman she understands and values the male perspective as well. Coach Kim has hosted several events with special guests. Her thought provoking titles are attention getters for young adults and seasoned adults alike. “Empowerment endows power to do what  you already knew you could do all along. You just have to put in the work!” -Coach Kim


Going into entrepreneurship can be hard and very time consuming. Kim’s perspectives on having a support systems is that it is most imperative. “There are times where I wrestle with myself. I have some very great supporters who believe in me and encourage me to pursue. I am so blessed to have some wonderful people behind me.”

Coach Kim continues to inspire individuals on a daily basis to dig deeper into self. “We have to understand what it is in us that accepts behavior we do not like.” In her online assessment, Coach Kim challenges clients to be honest and forthcoming about themselves. “Having a life coach is NOT for everyone, but based on their need for one. People will invest in themselves when they are ready!”

Coach Kim is fresh on the scene and from the looks of it, she’s here to stay! Go follow her FB page Kim Perdue for daily doses of encouragement! Her services are available online at, here is where you will find the assessment for your  consultation! Be on the lookout for more events hosted by the amazing Coach Kim in 2019!


Heaux before Bros

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