Jeremy Paige

Hustle and Flow or Who You Know

Making money is the goal.  “Go to school”, “Get a job”, “Network”…. All of these commands to lead to money.  The plan behind the hustle includes money to spend and money to make.  How are you going about it?  What is your master plan?  There are a few misconceptions on what makes up the hustle to provide the flow and most times it leads to who you know.

  1.  WHO DO I PAY?  Please do not believe that you should pay people for your talents.  It is one thing to create a team or pay to improve your product.  However, how much do you believe is too much?  Pay for likes? NO. Pay for production? YES.  Make a plan and write down your expenses.  Make note of how much is required to maintain your business.
  2.  WHERE DO I START?  Research is needed.  You will have to do some form of research.  Let us say it one more time in a different way.  To begin you may want to do some type of research. RESEARCH.
  3.  WHEN WILL I START MAKING MONEY?  Don’t be discouraged.  Money may not come right away.  Think quality.  In the first few years you will need to invest in your business and the return will not always equal money.  Be patient and stay positive.
  4.  SHOULD I BUILD RELATIONSHIPS?  Relationships are very important.  It is about who you know , past and present.  Your relationships or connections with various people can be the key to your success.  No.  You don’t have to cater to everyone, but respect is a great trait to have.  Speak to and acknowledge those who have supported.  Who do you know that doesn’t appreciate attention.
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