Why Don’t You Believe In Me?

Are you tired of hearing ,”You will never make it” or “what makes you different”?  It happens constantly to those attempting to achieve goals outside of the norm.  The average friend or family member has no idea what it takes daily to build and consistently run a business.  Their ideas are built around safety and fear plays a major role with the typical point of view.  Don’t get discouraged.  The world will turn whether they believe in you or not.

Between Fundera.com and Investopedia.com, the percentage of businesses that fail in the first year range from 20-30%.  This is less than half.  This does not mean complete company failure.  Everyone has obstacles when starting a business or believe in their idea so much that the “customer” is not even considered when making company changes.  Long story short, keep going.

Here is one tip that may assist you with your daily grind.


Build a team and create your company norms. Assign roles and duties that need to be performed daily, monthly, etc.  Create a chart of goals (short and long term) that help organize the vision.  Almost like a company vision board.  Surround yourself with those who that are willing to create opportunities for your company.

Keep in mind work is required no matter who supports you .  Good Luck!

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