photo cred: Nathan Pearcy

Be Prepared To “Wig Out” With The Master Of Hair Cliff Vmir

This month BET premiered a hot new reality show called , “WIG OUT”.  It follows the 21 year-old hair mogul, Cliff Vmir.   Coffea magazine had the honor of getting to know exactly what he wants his fans to receive from the show.  “I feel like people need to know me from another angle,” Cliff explains.  He continues to tell us how he would like the audience to see what he goes through on a daily basis and experience his life on a more intimate level.


Having his life now under a magnifying glass is not uncomfortable for Cliff.  He has been doing hair since the age of 15 and has grown his empire with his intense work ethic.  If it’s about hair, he knows it.  From his product line Hym Hair to his class, he brings the “WIG OUT” viewers insight on what it takes to take things to another level.  He expresses that having the cameras around did not affect his daily routine, “things still got done”.

When asked about what was the most exciting part of filming, he confesses that he enjoyed the events of the last episode.  Our advice is to watch and take notes.  Be prepared to “WIG OUT”.

WIG OUT airs on BET.  For more on the show and Cliff Vmir follow on Instagram @cliffvmir



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