The Excitement of Becoming A Business Owner

There are a ton of myths that float around with becoming a business owner. Some may believe they will not have to work long hours, no need for customer sevice, and my personal favorite, the idea that you can do things when you want.


My response, ” laugh now, cry later” .  You will work more hours than you could ever dream of.  Any and everything great and horrible falls in your lap.  You will have to have excellent networking skills and in turn customer service skills.  Long story short, people have to like you.  And you no longer belong to yourself. Sure you can make your own schedule, but if you want to compete with the major companies, you should attempt to be available when they are.


Don’t get me wrong going into business will be the greatest story you will ever sit around and tell your friends about. So buckle your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life. Pay attention to the signs about risks and possibilities. And don’t be too prideful to ask questions or for assistance. You will need it! Good luck!

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