It seems as if currently everyone wants instant fame, instant recognition, and instant money.  Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, things aren’t as they appear.  Jobs, even though research says are more available than ever, aren’t hiring as often.  They are also not employing people using traditional techniques.  Schools are not giving realistic expectations of what the “work world” will look like.

Many of the Xennials are what is said to be overeducated and unemployed.  They were raised with the ideas that great education is needed to reach any goal, especially entrepreneurial ones.  However, promises were broken and they are left with excuses and derailment.  How will they bounce back?   What concepts or perceptions aren changed?

The thought and idea is that, You Have to Start Somewhere.  They have taken negative events and ideas that starting at the bottom is unacceptable and reversed them.  Xennials know from experience and from education how to make leadership decisions for themselves and for the community.  The world needs to trust them to bridge the generational gaps so that they can be viewed as examples.  To disregard them and the contributions they have made would be childish.

I charge each person to take accountability because we witness others in the growth stage and judge them for not “making it yet”, but what are we doing to help them grow?  What are we doing to give them a jump start down the road to success?  What are we doing to help them start somewhere?


photo by: Guilherme Stecanella

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