As business men and women most times schedules are bananas.  They are always on the go with barely enough time to dedicate to themselves.  They attempt to create healthy relationships but at times one person may feel neglected.  Here are some top ways to keep the sparks between two busy entrepreneurs.


* SET A DATE NIGHT: This could be in form of lunch or a breakfast. This will only involve the two of you and no other parties are invited. Try to at least set aside a half hour to an hour and choose a new location each time.

* MARCO POLO: Marco Polo is an app where friends or groups can send private video messages to each other without worry of uploading them to a social media platform. This way you can communicate and maintain visual communication on your own time.

* NOTES OR LETTERS: If you cohabitate, you can leave notes or pics for each other in lunch carriers/bags.  Other locations that are excellent are mirrors, fridge, and tvs.

* FAVORITE FOODS: This may seem boring but when your mate is extremely tired they would most likely love to indulge in their favorite food. You could send them lunch or make sure the fridge always has a place for it to keep their taste buds excited.


It is important to know your partner’s love language and expectations of the relationship.  Communication is key and it takes two to keep the fire going.  Good luck and good loving.

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