There is at least a 20 percent gender wage gap between men and women.  Women are constantly having to negotiate higher wages.  In some cases women are more qualified for corporate positions and are passed over for a male candidate.

Do you believe this is fair?  Are you on the side that feels women just complain too much?  Do you believe that women do equal work as men and deserve the same wages or even more?

Whether you agree or disagree, give credit where it’s due.  Whomever works the hardest or has experience to back up requirements for maximum pay, they should receive top dollar. MALE OR FEMALE.

The debate should remain as such until changes are made.  Women shouldn’t have to break larger barriers to prove that they are worthy in the work place.  Pay, hiring, and promotion are continuously being passed over to the male gender.  This form of discrimination is unfair and , at this point, barbaric.

With women running more households alone they have the responsibility of being the breadwinner.  They are now competing in the workforce for what used to be considered “men” jobs.  They are fighting on the front lines and creating more opportunities in the sports arena.  Research and find how you can change this and be a part of closing the wage gender gap.



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