Keeping Friends Close Is Worth It

Working towards you goals is hard enough without the pressures of everyday life. Take time to enjoy your friends and family. Include them in your thought proces when you can. Also think of ways to place something fun to do with them in your schedule.

Friends and family who show support are important. They want you to win just as bad as you do but may not know exactly know how to help you.  Do not push them away.  Even if they are there only to keep you stress free, it will definitely be worth it.

Remember a time when your dreams were simply a conversation over dinner, how did they help? Remember when school got overwhelming, who helped you study? Remember when your car broke down and you had a deadline to reach, who gave moral support or a ride?

Reach out to those people and say thanks. Reach out to family to check in. Just reach out. Keep these bridges in tack. You never know when you will need them close.

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