Here’s a very short list of funny snapshots of reality that entrepreneurs and young professional face.  The truth is so shocking that it is comical. Unfortunately, decisions have to be made but what? Share this article and get your timelines opinion.


A. Imagine sitting at home on the computer and your phone rings. It’s another bill collector telling you that you owe $30,000 for your student loans and wants to know if you would like to pay the complete total today.  What is your response?

B.  You are on your way to an interview and you remember that they are hiring extras today for the newest Transformers movie starring one of your favorite actors.  Do you reschedule the interview or try to do both?  How do you feel about the decision?

C.  You have $200 left in your account and it’s Wednesday.  You get paid Friday but you want to fly out that day to go to an entrepreneur’s conference on the other side of the country.  Your phone bill is also due today and it is $185.  What do you do? How much are those plane tickets, lol?

Come up with a way to decide which hustle is more important.  Don’t give up on what is right in front of you either.  Think first before making these decisions as well because good or bad you will be the one facing the consequences.  Think about it.

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