Tis The Season To …. Work?

After speaking to several colleagues in HR one has come to the conclusion that this job search thing is not checkers.  It is not a game to those on the other side submitting resumes.  People are becoming depressed, discouraged, and even suicidal due to the lack of communication human resources generally provides.

“Employers tend to post jobs that are not currently available “, expressed one.  They have concluded within their guidelines that they are obligated to make the public aware that they are hiring but they already have a candidate in mind.  They send these job seekers through a the hassle of creating a resume and cover letter specified to the job description.  HR will insist that the candidates give them a couple of weeks to make a decision and then proceed to send everyone a rejection letter.

“You should start at the bottom and work your way up.  Internal candidates are highly favored.”  This could work if you have to only take care of you and your two pet gold fish.  ADULTS HAVE BILLS and the new generation DOES NOT HAVE PATIENCE.  Get it together.  A typical job seeker knows that it is competitive so that best thing to do for employers is to remain transparent.  LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

The process is now to submit all information on line or create a profile.  However, a suggestion may be to gain a referral.  We know that you are more than qualified for 90% of the jobs you apply for based on the job descriptions.  Your resume in a pile of thousands start to look like Christmas cookie recipes.  Your originality will not shine through during this process.  One thing that can help is to focus on your cover letter and learn the company you are applying for.  If you are going to have to put in effort in applying, go for your dream jobs and make it count.

Yes, of course, finding a job is a major headache. We are filled in a time where the unemployed holds master degrees, mortgages, and many years of work experience.  If you find the key to job- searching before we do please make it a public service announcement.  The world is waiting.  We have work to do.


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