” Never Give Up ” says Every Entrepreneur

The phrase “Never Give Up” had to have come from the very first entrepreneur ever.  We say it as much as a normal person says good morning, thank you, excuse me, etc.  It is in our DNA and comes out as our very first sentence as a child.  It has spoken life to pretty much every dead situation you could ever imagine, but what does it mean.

Down this journey one takes to “follow their dream” they face unimaginable obstacles.  Mainly, because you become driven and sensitive to all that takes place during this time that you find yourself on this emotional rollercoaster.  It is as if you have married the ambition of becoming whatever your heart desires.  You have the occasional fights. The dream may cheat on you, sometimes.  You even go through a period where the dream doesn’t favor you like it used to.  And then wait for it…… someone says “NEVER GIVE UP”.

BOOM! You find yourself for round two, then round three, and so on.  Some who aren’t true believers call you insane.  You hear these magical stories where someone was homeless and then the dream blessed them.  Another one may have gotten divorced and then the dream blessed them.  What the naysayers really want to know, however, is the middle pieces.  The meat of the story that lies right after the phrase is spoken.

Never Give Up will continue to ring through your head while you fight off doubt and harsh reality sprinkles through the timeline of events.  But remember there is power in words especially ones that are spoken.  So when you reach those few events after your reach the NEVER GIVE UP point in your journey, share.  Document and get a clear understanding of what to or not to repeat.  Stay ahead of yourself and map it out because in all honesty the world wouldn’t know what to do if everyone out there gives up.



Photo by : Diego Sulivan

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