* * only using the word bald to emphasize how others may see you , no offense I’m a fan

Unfortunately, appearance is still an issue in the corporate work environment.  Some people say men and women should be allowed to be individuals.  WRONG!  Companies still have an image they want to portray to attract certain customers AND certain customers are still not comfortable with individuality.  These “dress code” rules place the natural woman in a place to choose between money or hair.

CAN THIS BE RIGHT?  DOES IT DIRECTLY AFFECT HIRING DECISIONS?  WHAT CAN BE DONE?  Well many of these questions can never be answered because most times you are not aware of your hair being an issue.  There are two things you can consider and can think about if you second guess to be or not to be bald.

  1. Employment:  Being yourself is number one and if you are not comfortable with you it does not matter where you work , you will not want to be there.  Pick a job the fits your personality , growth, and feels safe.
  2.  Hair: When making a choice to make the big chop or wear your hair short, don’t let outsiders affect your decision.  It’s your head and what matters is your work ethic and your drive.  Let your personality shine through.

Remember even when you run your own company, you are often pre-judged by the way you wear your hair.  Whether short or long cleanliness above all is important.   Be great!



Photo by: Kim Carpenter

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