The Barbershop Is Becoming The New Boardroom

From the beginning of time the barbershop has been a place to convene about your problems, your dreams, and of course your style.  Men and women have made it a space where open forums had a right to breathe opinions and facts.  With the change in the need to have everything mobile, the barbershop is becoming the new boardroom.


Convenient: The new entrepreneur is able to make an appointment to have their services completed in a “scheduled manner”.  This creates opportunity to engage with others around the same time effectively at the same time every week.

Office Space:  Although some may view barbers or stylist as employees, they are the ideal small business owners.  These entrepreneurs create a creative environment for themselves and their clients.  They are responsible for your entertainment, your safety, and your success all in a short period of time.

Honest Feedback: The real question is have you ever entered a barbershop where receiving honest feedback was an issue? Enough said.

This stop shop has proven itself week after a week as a location to generate new ideas.  While supplying you with all three above, one will start realizing that instead of a moment cut out of your schedule where you may not be able to complete work or assignments, you are now able to turn your barbershop experience into your much needed boardroom.

Now don’t get it wrong it is still to be respected as a place of business, but can you imagine the possibilities.



photo by: a-l-l-e-f-v-i-n-i-c-i-u-s

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