How to Organize Your Bag for Work and Play

written by: c. calder

Women today are constantly on the go. With work, family, friends, responsibilities, and trying to stay healthy at the same time it can be difficult to keep life organized. Organizing even small pieces of your life can vastly improve the flow and efficiency of each day. One of the smallest things to organize that can make the greatest impact on your day is your bag. Whatever you carry with you will be your go-to supplies throughout the day, and you should be sure to have what you need whether it be for work or play. Organizing your bag can make shifting from work to play easy and smooth. Here are some tips to help you organize your bag for work and play.

1. Have the Right Sized Bag: The right sized bag can make all the difference in how you organize your day.  If you carry a bag that is too small, you probably won’t be able to fi t everything you need in for the day and if you can you may have to shove it in however it may fi t rather than organizing for optimal use throughout the day.  However, a bag that’s too large can influence you to carry too much with you and create a mess of objects you don’t even need.

2. Plan Ahead: One of the best ways to organize your bag is to prepare what you will need ahead of time.  If you are rushing right before you leave the house to grab what you need and shove it into a bag, not only will that be disorganized and take time to sort later, but you can easily forget important items. If you’re not able to pack your essentials into your bag the night before, take the time to wake up a few minutes early and be sure you are taking everything you need. If you’re notoriously bad at remembering everything you need, make yourself a checklist and go over it before you leave for the day.

3. Use Compartments: No matter the size of the bag you carry, if all of your stuff is thrown in together it can become a disorganized mess. Using compartments to organize what you need will massively improve the way you use your bag. Separating your purse into sections, whether it be by type of object or time of day you need it, is an easy and inexpensive way to keep yourself on track for the day. You can easily purchase bag separators or even create them yourself with some fabric or cardboard. Be creative and compartmentalize in a way that works best for you.

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